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Fall Protection Equipment is designed to provide worker safety while working in areas where the possibility of a fall exists.

Each year over 100,000 injuries and deaths are attributed to work related falls and are responsible for one of the highest causes or death in the workplace. Fall protection violations are also one of the most frequently cited OSHA penalties.

With regards to confined space entry, rescue/retrieval equipment is used to provide compliance. These devices can provide fall protection and rescue/retrieval capabilities so a worker can be removed without requiring another worker to enter the space.

Proper compliance is dependent on having a fall protection program in place and selection of the right equipment.


System Components

Bodyware is the first component of personal protective gear. Full body harnesses are used for this and are available in a variety of styles a configurations. The most common being the single back “D” ring harness.

Connecting Devices are the second system component. This devise is most commonly a lanyard or a retractable lifeline. They can significantly reduce the forces generated in a fall, and/or the possibility of injury.

Anchoring Devices are the third system component. This device must be capable of supporting 5,000 lbs. per worker by current standards. Tripods or davit arms are most popular for confined space entry while cross arm straps or beam trolleys are used commonly in other areas.


Individually none of these components will provide protection from a fall.

Used together, they can provide a total safety system.



Fall Protection

Anchoring Devices 


Connecting Devices


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