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FEATURED PRODUCT: RIGID SeekTech SR-20 Line Locator is a new style of pipe locator delivering the speed, accuracy and confidence you need in a quality locating system. Contractors in near our local ofices in Washington, Oregon and Idaho are confident that we provide the best service and expert knowledge in selecting the right pipe locating equipment.

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RIDGID SeekTech provides the information needed to locate underground utilities with ease.

  • Audio and 4 easy-to-read visual locate indicators
    • Confirms good signal and locate.
    • Identifies distortion in congested areas.
  • Displays target line and shows directional changes.
  • Continually verify the quality of the locate.

...All on one screen.


Proximity Signal
Minimizes depth over target and maximizes relative signal strength to guide you closer to the target independent of the current flow
Mapping Display
Virtually maps the utility to help guide you down the line. Shows signal distortion and line turns in real time
Continual Depth
Increase productivity by showing depth changes in real time
Guidance Arrows
Guides the operator to target line by minimizing signal gradient
Identifies current on target line for faster diagnosis of complex locates
Signal Strength
Allows the operator to maximize signal strength over the target



Other Locators:

NaviTrack Scout Pipe Locator features automatic depth measurement, lightweight at just 3 lbs, easy to read LCD screen that displays all the information you need, and molded carrying case for scout and accessories.

Navitrack II Pipe Locator features Increased processing power for faster, more accurate locates. Larger, higher definition LCD is easier to read and understand, Instructional DVD demonstrates the NaviTrack II and Locating techniques, Molded carrying case holds and protects everything you need for the job.

SeekTech SR-20

SeekTech SR-20 Pipe Locator


Navitrack II Locator

NaviTrack II Pipe Locator


NaviTrack Scout

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