Pipe Plugs / Test Balls

Allwest Underground proudly carries two of the finest manufacturers of pipe plugs; Cherne and Lansas. These two companies have been manufacturing the best quality pipe plugs for over 40 years. Pipe plugs, commonly referred to as test balls are available in a variety of sizes and used in a number of different applications.

Contact us if you have any questions and our expert staff in underground utility equipment will gladly assist you.

Below we have a variety of pipe plugs, select one for additional information on model numbers and sizes available to buy or rent. Or you may want to order a catalog.

We will ship directly to your job site and offer local delivery in the Pacific Northwest from our offices located in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

> Mechanical Plugs
> Disk Plugs
> Pneumatic Plugs
> Flow-thru Plugs
> Waste Water By-pass
> High Pressure Plugs



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